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seguir muy de cerca los resultados electorales... tenemos una cobertura ern equipo... "edgardo quijano" esta en el cuartel de los republicanos, pero comenzamos con nuestra compaÑera "beatriz ferrari" quien se encuentra con los demócratas... bea --como ya informamos, para conseguir la reeleccÓn el presidente barack obama supeÓ los 270 votos necesarios del colegio electoral. --y aunque en el voto popular la contienda esÁ reÑida, obama lleva la ventaja con el % de los sufragios, mientras "romney" tiene % de los votos. -minutos antes de que el presidente barack obama se dirigiera a la nacion.. el candidato republicano mitt romney acepto su derrota... --los republicanos en el condado de santa clara estuvieron muy atentos a estos resultados, pasamos con edgardo quijano quien siguÓ las elecciones con los simpatizantes de mitt romney --como fue el ambiente edgardo? ---echemos un vistazo al condado del santa clara, donde una medida local acapaÓ la atención desde que se consiguieron las firmas necesarias para llevarla a la boleta electoral:... se trata de la medida "d" en san joÉ. ---e
decade, creating a landscape lit erred by abandoned homes and vacant last as elaine quijano tells us, one local businessman has an unconventional plan for turning things around. >> in what used to be a booming metropolis, john hance wanted to show us this meadow. >> this doesn't feel like detroit. >> no, it doesn't feel like a major city. >> this overgrown vacant lot in the city of detroit was once the site of a proposed supermarket, it was never built. >> this used to be the street. >> now hans an entrepreneur has a new idea for this land, he wants to build a farm. >> my belief is that the farm is a way to implement the quality of life improvements. >> he would like to buy 200 acres of property from the city in exchange, he will tear down more than 200 vacant homes and clear tons of illegally dumped garbage. >> detroit currently has 30,000 acres of vacant land and 40,000 abandoned homes. >> once we take over these properties, the government instantly starts collecting revenue tax wise. >> but some residents believe that won't make much difference. malik yakini runs an urban community gar
del programa comunidades seguras.--"edgardo quijano", nos tiene los detalles. esta tarde noticias univision 14 tuvo la oportunidad de estar en una reunion donde lideres comunitarios del are de la bahia diseÑaron una estrategia para aprovechar el momento politico y exigir que el programa comunidades seguras deje de desunir familias. es muy importante el voto porque sabemos que el 2 recientes elecciones plantean necesidades de . >> alto en la colaboración de la mígra con la policía. >> iniciaran campana para exigir campana aqui en el condado de varias sobrevivienets de vilolencia domestica las han sido deportadas. >> cuando una persona es detenida policÍa envia huellas digitales a ice . >> eso podrÍa cambiar dicen los lideres si la comunidad sigue ejeerciendo esos derechos sobre los inmigrantes. >> la salud estÁ en las manos del voto latino. >> lideres conunitarios volveran a reunirse . >> reeleccion de obama le abrio las puertas a inmigrantes para una reforma mÍgratoria. >> tocaron de puerta en puerta para que los extranjeros fueran a votar. >> quiero la mÍsma oportunidad
holiday wreck in texas. at least 100 vehicles collide in the fog. and elaine quijano with a woman who saved thanksgiving for victims of sandy. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening, and happy thanksgiving, everyone. scott is off tonight. i'm jeff glor. the cease-fire between israel and hamas has passed the first 24 hours. now comes the hard part-- negotiating the details of a truce to make sure is stays. a senior israeli official arrived in cairo today for talks. the head of hamas is there as well. in the meantime, israeli troops that were preparing for a ground invasion began pulling back today. and in gaza, palestinians are cleaning up the damage left behind by eight days of fighting. charlie d'agata is in gaza. >> reporter: gaza city's deserted streets came back to life today. weapons on both sides fell silent as the fragile cease-fire held. after eight days of living in fear, thousands of palestinians gathered in the city square to show support for hamas. you can feel the sense of re
can't war vets find work at home? elaine quijano on one man who found a solution that no one saw ngming. >> when your 17-year-old son on veteran's day tells you how proud he is, you keep going. oing. captioning sponsored by cbs ponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. three b.p. oil company employees appeared in federal court today, heo of them charged with 11 counts of involuntary manslaughter. those are for the 11 crewmen killed in 2010 when the deepwater horizon explode excluded and sank in the gulf of mexico. the well ran wild for more than 80 days, unleashing the largest accidental oil spill in history. mark strassmann is covering the courthouse for us in new orleans tonight. mark. mark. >> reporter: scott, this prosecution moves away from the b.p. spill's environmental and economic impacts. instead, its the preventable deaths of 11 people. bob kaluza oversaw safety for b.p. aboard the deepwater horizon when the rig exploded. >> i did not cause this tragedy. i am innocent. and i put my trust, reputation, and future in the han
axelrod on the investigation. and they faced down a mass murderer. elaine quijano with the officer who was shot 12 times as he and his partner stopped a bloodbath. >> i confronted evil in the parking lot and evil was not going to leave. captioning snsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. general john allen, the general in charge of the war in afghanistan, is under investigation tonight in connection with the same woman who helped bring down the director of the c.i.a., retired general david petraeus. now general allen's nomination to be supreme allied commander of nato is on hold. two of the top military men of their generation have been brought low by their acquaintance with jill kelley, a tampa socialite seen here at her home with the story playing on the t.v. behind her. last spring, kelley complained to the f.b.i. of receiving harassing anonymous e-mails. turned out, those e-mails had been written by a jealous paula broadwell. the investigation then exposed broadwell's affair with c.i.a. director david petraeus. then the f.b.i. found
have been higher if it were not for two cops who gave their first interview to elaine quijano. >> reporter: 10:26 in the morning when oak creek police got the first 911 call. >> there's a guy in the church shooting with a gun. >> reporter: police lieutenant brian murphy, driving this car arrived first at the sikh temple. he found two bodies in the parking lot. >> i need an ambulance. i do not see a shooter anywhere. >> reporter: he got out of the car just seconds after he arrived he spotted the gunman wave michael page and chased him in the parking lot. >> i moved forward and realized very quickly this is probably the guy that we're looking for. >> reporter: page a white supremacist was armed with a nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol. >> that's when he raised his gun and we probably shot close to the same time. the first shot took me here and that's why my voice is the way it is. >> reporter: you can see page running towards murphy who is on the ground wounded out of frame on the right. page shot murphy 12 times. >> he shot me in the back of the skull. and as silly as it sou
. >> pelley: reports from allen pizzey, charlie d'agata and wyatt andrews. elaine quijano on a call by doctors to make the pill available without a prescription. we'll talk to one of america's fiscal cliff. >> the big nut is going to have to be medicare and medicaid. >> pelley: and jim axelrod with a woman on a mission to recover memories sandy washed away. >> the storm can take our houses and possession bus she left us these photos. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. at the end of the most violent day yet in the battle between israel and the hamas government in gaza, secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in jerusalem to try to broker a cease-fire. but late today things looked frosty between the secretary and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. faces were long and comments were short. she had just flown ten hours, leaving president obama behind on a tour of cambodia throughout this day there were rumors of peace but israel unleashed a ferocious bombardment of gaza from air and sea. the palestinians and gaza fired b
's all about rebuilding their lives. elaine quijano helped link some of those victims with volunteers. >> in the kitchen we lost the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher. >> reporter: she lost just about everything when hurricane sandy flooded her home. it looked like she wouldn't have thanksgiving either. >> i have no idea when our life is going to go back to normal. >> reporter: her daughter olga turned to facebook and signed them up at a place on the table a page started by jennifer kaufman after the storm. it connects people who want to donate a thanksgiving meal for families who can't cook. >> what was your goal initially? >> just to help people. just to throw it out there and see if something would happen. >> what did you expect would happen? >> i thought that there would be some mild interest. >> mild. >> mild, yeah. >> more than 600 people signed up. nicole enlisted her family to cook two dinners. >> here we go. >> they had never met. >> happy thanksgiving. >> but embraced like family. >> nicole's family didn't overlook anything. >> where's the wine? >> and to the zawicki family t
dollars on average, this year. that's up nearly $9 over 2011. and as elaine quijano reports the buying has gotten off to a strong start. >> reporter: black friday weekend was a success by any measure. an estimated 89 million people were out shopping this weekend. three million more than last year. michael gatti with the national retail federation says shoppers spent more on gifts and on themselves. >> that adds up to about $59 billion in spending this year compared to $52 billion last year. >> reporter: at every turn retailers are fighting for a slice of the half trillion dollars in projected holiday spending this season. both in stores and on-line. steve krezner is c.e.o. of >> some people like the social aspect of being in the store with others. some people like to shop in their bunny slippers, so for some it is the anonymity and convenient of doing 24 hour a day from their own living room. >> all the stores it says all the discounts for today. >> reporter: what is new this year, the explosion of shoppers, one in four, using mobile devices to find the best deal. nearly
. a strong start to holiday sales. both in stores and especially on-line. elaine quijano is with the shoppers.
not keeping up with demand. shortages are spreading and lines are getting longer. elaine quijano is following that story in secaucus, new jersey. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just a few miles outside of manhattan here at this gas station in secaucus, new jersey, drivers have been waiting for up to three hours to gas up. some traveled from across the devastated region where in many cases there's no fuel. at the alexander hamilton service area off of the new jersey turnpike cars were lined up for over a mile. >> this is the worse i've ever seen it. truly terrible. >> reporter: people drove over 60 miles from the jersey shore just to get fuel. and in many cases found out there was nothing left. >> i went to six gas stations and every one is out. >> all the engines and everything went under water. >> reporter: unable to deliver his payload the truck was towed to meet tur intelligent demand for fuel. >> hardest part was getting in. >> reporter: half of all gas station in the region are currently closed either due to a lack of power or inventory. and one station in cranford, new
underwater by hurricane sandy was the scene of another emergency today. just as elaine quijano was reporting on the devastating flood in moonachie, new jersey, a house fire broke out behind her. here's elaine's report. >> reporter: our cameras were rolling as smoke started to billow out of this house on a deserted street in moonachie. after we called 911, firefighters showed up in three minutes, carrying equipment they saved from their flooded fire station. frank smith is the assistant fire chief. >> right now we have no police desk, no fire department, no ambulance squad. we're operating on whatever we grabbed during the flood, and we're operating out of a shelter right now. >> reporter: one firefighter was in sweat pants when he entered the building, but they saved it. >> we feel for everybody here because we are everybody here. >> reporter: this was just one of a half dozen fires since floodwaters overran this town. smith and these volunteers know every call could end at their own doorstep. >> i got to secure my power. i got to secure my gas. i'm afraid this is going to happen to my house
states is florida with 29 electoral votes and we have elaine quijano there tonight. elaine? >> reporter: good evening, scott. we're at a viewing party on the campus of the university of south florida in tampa. this is part of the i-4 corridor, an area that is evenly split between republicans and democrats. but it is also home to a large number of independent voters. this county, hillsboro county, is a significant bellwether. since 1960, voters in this county have picked the winning presidential candidate in every election except for 1992 when they picked george h.w. bush. now, as for today there have been no reports of any major problems at the polls here in florida. however, there have been some extremely long lines, people waiting upwards of three hours in miami-dade county. now, elections officials tell us that is due in part to the long ballots here in florida. for instance, in hillsboro county it is six pages. those voter lines, though, could actually have been much longer but some 4.5 million people here in florida actually cast their ballots early and, scott, that's about 38% of
joven, la versiÓn de la policÍa es distinta vamos con edgardo quijano que conversÓ con ellos y nos prin ta ambas caras de la moneda. >>> la familia alega que este departamento no hizo lo suficiente para encontrar al joven asesinado, por su parte policÍa dice que hay nofr mÁs a seguir pero lo que es cierto que la muerte de ernesto sigue sin resolv resolver. >>> decÍa el policia que a lo mejorase fue a las vegas tomar o sfar con muchachas. >>> esta respuesta provocÓ el enojo de la familia y la tensiÓn con el departamentoed de policÍa. >>> dicen que no les tomaron en serio los reportes de desapariciÓn. >>> el dÍa que no lo vieron y no escucharon de Él despertÓ la angustia. >>> siempre viene a la casa o wloom no se vale josÉ de la casa, nunca. >>> los creen que desde el primer dÍa que reportaron la desapariciÓn los investigadores debieron actuar. >>> Íbamos todos los dias 23, hasta cuando el policÍa y si usted no los empuja no hacen nada vmentd. >>> luis ernesto desaparecido por 13 dÍas hasta que su cadÁver fue encontrado el pasado martes 6 de este mes en un edificio abando
other victims even as their homes and families are still at risk. on wednesday elaine quijano was an eyewitness to a local emergency in new jersey. >> reporter: our cameras were rolling as smoke started to billow out of this house on a deserted street in moonachie. after we called 911 firefighters showed up in three minutes carrying equipment they saved from their flooded firestation. frank smith is the assistant fire chief. >> we have no police desk, no fire department, no ambulance squad. we're operating on whatever we grab during the flood and we're operating out of a shelter. >> reporter: one firefighter was in sweat pants when he entered the building. this was just one of a half-dozen fires since floodwaters overran this town. these volunteers know every call could end at their own door step nine got secure my power. i got to secure my gas. i'm afraid this will happen to my house. i live down the block. >> reporter: on wednesday for the first time, he had a chance to help himself. eight feet of water was in his house. and his belongings are now piled outside. >> everythin
holiday. as elaine quijano reports it had ,ore meaning than usual in that hard-hit region. overporter: volunteers from all aer the country served residents a proper thanksgiving thanksgi meal. gi thehey're family from the word go. thee are kids here from michigan, virginia, all over the united states, to help us. his is really good. giviappy thanksgiving. thankorter: blocks away, the sewickley family had thanksgiving dinner delivered to their home. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: volunteers pitched those stilng help from those still recovering from sandy. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: further down the d vsey shore, governor chris christie joined volunteers river. river. point,ezy point, new york, ilesle traveled from miles away helplp serve thanksgiving dinner, including one man from mississippi. atrinawent through katrina and e know exactly what these people are going through. o theporter: volunteer alice weeks agoveled to the storm unionrom michigan two weeks .go, serving 1,400 meals a day. >> they lost everything. the least i can do is help give them a hot meal. >> report
about her affair with david petraeus. elaine quijano has a closer look at the woman behind the resignation of the former general and cia director. >> reporter: before she became known as david petraeus alleged mistress, paula broadwell could have been his number one fan. on the "daily show" with jon stewart earlier this year she praised petraeus while promoting her book about him. >> there's no senior military leader or anyone that worked closely with him that acknowledges he goes in and to help the organization succeed. >> reporter: the married mother of two and former high school homecoming queen had a lot in common with the retired four star general. both are west point graduates. both self-described fitness f fanatics. last moshe talked about her interview with petraeus. >> i was told never to beat him. keep up with him but don't beat him he's a guy and you're a girl and he's a celebrity and you're a soccer mom. in any case he started elbowing me and it was over. >> reporter: what started out as a doctoral dissertation turned into a book. the two spent countless hours t
scrawled on the driveway that reads, "dad hearts mom." for "cbs this morning," elaine quijano, new york. >>> illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. may be about to resign just days after being re-elected. our chicago station reports jackson is negotiating a plea deal. he is accused of misusing campaign funds. jay levine reports jackson would give up his seat and may have to go to prison. >> reporter: sightings of jackson, once a rising star of the democratic party, have been rare since he began treatment for a bipolar disorder back in june. a photo with a visiting colleague at the mayo clinic. another outside his home in washington. and video of him closing the blinds after spotting a cameraman. while the congressman splits his time between his washington, d.c., home and mayo in minnesota, high powered defense attorney dan webb, a former top prosecutor himself, has been the point person for jackson in talks with the justice department. negotiating a deal that would include jackson resigning for health reasons, pleading guilty to charges involving misuse of campaign funds, and paying bac
and struggling to survive. elaine quijano is on staten island. president obama was there to see the damage yesterday. elaine, good morning. >> good morning, elaine and charlie. the job of rebuilding here is so big that president obama has assi assigned a federal point person, asking housing and urban development secretary sean donovan to work with local officials as they begin the long process of recovering. in hard-hit staten island where residents are just beginning to rebuild their lives, president obama pledged the government's support and urged insurance companies to pledge theirs. >> the insurance companies and some of the other private sector folks who are involved in this, we need you to show some heart and some spirit in helping people rebuild as well. >> reporter: the president met with families who lost everything, like sheila and dominic traina, superstorm sandy destroyed the home they lived in for 32 years. dominic says he's still waiting to hear back from his insurance company. >> when you go to bed at night, you don't sleep because your stomach is in a knot. and it's been a
victims who are still homeless and, of course cannot make dinner for themselves today. elaine quijano is in monmouth new jersey. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, gayle. volunteers in this kitchen behind me have been up and working for hours. they've been busy preparing thanksgiving meals for residents of a new jersey town devastated by hurricane sandy. >> we got a great team. lot of people are working hard for this town. >> reporter: seabright new jersey mayor hasn't had a chance to slow down since sandy tore through her community three weeks ago. just about every single home or business was damaged or destroyed, including the mayor's own house. >> unrecognizable after superstorm sandy waters pulled back. the amount of damage to our infrastructure was at the time incalculable. >> reporter: 1,400 seabright residents were forced out of their home. across the region 72,000 homes and businesses were damaged by the storm it's estimated. thousands remain homeless. nearly half a million people across the region have applied for federal assistan
undecided this morning. >> most of the votes have been counted there. elaine quijano is watching the results in tampa. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. 9 % of the vote has been counted in florida but it is still not enough to say who won. take a look now at the numbers, with more than 8 million ballots cast, president obama leads mitt romney by just 1%. now, as the ballots were being counted, obama campaign officials i spoke with were optimistic but cautious. the tone, however, really shifted once it became clear that president obama would take hillsborough county, this is an important bellwether here, since 1960 except for one election voters have correctly picked the winning presidential candidate in every election. now campaign officials believe what gave them a critical advantage was their ground operation here in florida. they had 106 offices in the state, that's almost 50 more than they had back in 2008. they focused a lot of their attention on that all important i-4 corrid, an area that's home to a lot of independent voters and they also think that t
do. >> pelley: thank you very much. elaine quijano is on the i-4 corridor john was talking about. elaine. >> scott we're at a watch party at the university of south florida in tampa and this county, hillsborough county, since 1960 voters have picked the winning presidential candidate in every election except for 1992 when they chose george h.w. bush. it's the start of the i-4 corridor which stretches across central florida, you cross the state, all the way to daytona beach. more than half of florida's population actually lives in that area including many undecided voters. there are a number of key groups as well that could determine what happens in this state. florida has the highest percentage of seniors in the country, from 17% of the population, hispanics in ethnically diverse groups here in florida make up about 22% of the population. now as for the polls, there have been some reports of very long lines, particularly in miami-dade county. people waiting upwards of three hours to vote. however, overall, scott, we have been talking to both state and county elections officials.
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)

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